Mapping learning outcomes and modules across the curriculum

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Funded by The Lord Foundation, MIT ODL, SUTD International Design Center

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Relevant publications

Seering, J., Huang, L. and Willcox, K., Mapping Outcomes in an Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering Program. American Society for Engineering Education, 12th Annual Conference & Exposition, June 2015.

Xoces is a research project to catalog, structure and visualize learning outcomes. With Xoces, institutions of higher education can structure and visualize learning outcomes, enabling gaps within a curriculum to be identified.

Xoces is globally deployed at four institutions. MIToces at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) comprises over 1400 outcomes across the aerospace engineering undergraduate degree. SUTDoces at the Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) spans the entire undergraduate core curriculum. Current efforts are underway to produce ACCoces and QCCoces at Arapahoe Community College and Quinsigamond Community College respectively to structure learning outcomes as the first phase of a new Department of Education First in the World grant.

In March 2016, we released Xoces.js, an open-source visualization library for mapping learning outcomes.

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